I have several projects in mind.

A good Hunting/Trekking kit is an on going process, almost never ending. There is always something else you can use in the field. My kit is too large to list here. Most of the items in my kit are store bought, but I am making what I am able.

I have sewn a coif. More accurately, I modified a store bought coif that was not made correctly. The coif was made of four large squares of linen. I separated the lining from the shell, leaving one thickness of material; measured my head according to a pattern I found online, I learned to add at least three inches to measurments; cut the pieces to size; rounded the crown, I left the original factory seams except where I rounded the crown, I used the overcast stitch were I did sew; hemed the edges, again with the overcast stitch; and added a string tie made from a cotton shoe lace, which goes all the way around the back of the neck.


I made a set of wooden dice. at the local Michael's craft store, I bought a wood burning tool and 3/4" blank wood cubes. I used the wood burner to burn the pips onto the wood cubes. They used this method to put pips on bone dice. I used the opposites pattern; 1/6, 2/5, 3/4 to put the pips on the dice. Some medieval dice were made using this pattern, however, many were made by randomly placing the pips on the dice.


Today, I made a pair of garters. I took three, three foot long pieces of suede lace of different colors and braided them together using the standard three strand braid.

Currently I am working on a pair of braises.

I'm planning on making boards and pieces for tables and nine men's morris.

I'm thinking of making a neet little sewing kit I saw online.

I also have plans to try to cast livery and pilgrim badges.

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